Reduce your CO2 consumption – Here is how

Why does it seem so difficult, sometimes even pointless, to do something about climate change? Well, who wants to miss out on something?
Besides, the little that one can do oneself doesn’t seem to make any difference at all on a global scale.

Perhaps psychology can help us here. When we are faced with a difficult, or seemingly unsolvable situation, we tend to just give up. In addition, we find it difficult to process large numbers, which makes them seem huge to us, even more so when compared to the supposedly small things that we ourselves can contribute. If we add to this the feeling that everyone else is not doing anything, our own motivation drops to zero.

Changing habitual behavior is difficult. It takes the famous 21 days. If you manage to behave differently for about 21 days, you can expect to instill this new behavior. This is how you can replace an OLD NORMAL with a NEW NORMAL.

Let’s go!


Choose Energy Class A

When buying refrigerators, washing machines and other electrical appliances, pay attention to efficiency classification. If at all possible, avoid devices classified G to A and instead buy only A+ to A+++.


If you replace your old refrigerator of energy efficiency class B with an appliance of class A+++, you will save 160 kilograms of CO2 per year – more than € 70,- per year.

Choose Green Electricity

Switch to naturally generated electricity from renewable sources.

The time it takes to choose the right supplier is worth it. Switching saves you 1930 kg of CO2 per year.

Standby Mode or Unplug

If you switch off the standby mode of all your electrical appliances, or plug them into switchable socket strips, you start protecting the environment.

Here, too, you quickly avoid the emission of 100 kg of CO2 per year and can easily save 220 kg CO2 – and € 100,-.

Switch to LED Lamps

They are more durable and consume less energy than other types of light bulbs.

Just imagine, if you replace only five light bulbs, 60 watts each, with energy saving bulbs, you avoid the emission of 100 kg CO2 per year.

Just think: If every household in the UK replaced a single light bulb with an energy-saving bulb, an entire coal-fired power plant could be shut down as a result.

Reduce Car Use

Whenever possible, switch from car to bike or use public transportation.

A five-kilometer car trip is equivalent to the emission of one kilogram of CO2. By comparison: One tree binds an average of 10 kg of CO2 per year.


Regular Airing

Instead of leaving the windows tilted for hours, you should ventilate briefly every two to three hours. Even a few minutes with the windows wide open is enough for the entire air to be exchanged.

If you lower the temperature indoors by just one degree, you will save five to ten percent on heating energy and thus a lot of money.

For example, if you lower the temperature as described, you will save around 450 kg of CO2 and € 135 per year.

When Cooking

More vegetables, less meat.
Meat eaters: 1760 kg CO2
Vegetarians: 1160 kg CO2
Vegan: 960 kg CO2.

It is best to buy food from organic cultivation and from your region. The savings from not having to transport the food alone amounts to 300 kg of CO2.

If you leave the lid on pans and pots when cooking, it will cost you one third less energy. Choose the pot that fits the stove top size. If you use the pot lid when cooking five times a week, you will save 100 kg of CO2 a year – and up to € 50.

Heat water in an electric kettle, which is faster and uses less energy than the pot. If you boil one liter of water like this every day of the year, you will save 90 kg of CO2 and € 40,- per year.

Other things that help too

Close hot water tap while brushing teeth: 3 kg CO2

Installing a water-saving shower head: 230 kg CO2

Print only important documents: 7 kg CO2

Check and optimize tire pressure: 140 kg CO2

Have you ever sent a “climate neutral” package?
The additional money you pay goes via so-called offset service providers into projects promoting renewable energies and/or is used for reforestation worldwide.

In addition, private individuals can also compensate for their mobility by ensuring that their own CO2 emissions are offset.

Would you like to know your CO2 emissions?

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