Tree Donation – Climate Protection Contribution 1 Tree

Have individual trees planted as a contribution to our reforestation projects in Germany. Simple, nearby, and accessible planting of trees for climate protection.



25582 Hohenaspe

Planned: 135,000 trees

Planted in spring 2020: 8,000 trees
2,000 European oak, 2,000 white elms, 3,000 Douglas firs, 500 small-leaved limes, 500 sycamore

Planted in autumn 2020: 75,625 trees
10,000 red oaks, 50,000 European oaks, 6,000 grand firs, 5,250 Douglas firs, 1,000 lime, 1,000 elm, 200 Bornmüller firs, 150 tulip trees, 150 sweet chestnuts, 150 black walnut, 150 Hickory, 200 Oriental beech, 200 bald cypress, 150 sequoia, 1,000 sycamore, 25 hybrid nut

Planted in spring 2021: 39,250 trees
20,000 European oaks, 6,350 Douglas firs, 6,100 grand firs, 4,800 red oaks, 2,000 small-leaved lime

(image shows part of a reforestation area)
The rest of the holdover trees provide seedlings growth through light and shade and, in particular, protect them from frost.

Important note regarding your order:

  • Only one position possible per order (Item “Tree Donation” and “Climate Package” or several locations in one order are not possible)
  • One tree certificate is issued per order – can contain one or more names

In case of non-compliance, the issuing of the invoice and tree certificate is technically not possible, therefore your order must be cancelled.

(Illustration symbolic)

What to expect:
– Tree certificate, tree ID as well as the coordinates as a PDF file via email.
– Access to the tree location
– Pictures of the planting sites are constantly updated on our website
– Your personal contribution to climate and environmental protection
– A great feeling

Our saplings measure approx. 40 – 120 cm.

Both the trees in the “Tree Donation – Climate Protection Contribution” and the “Climate Package” can be used as a sustainable gift through our tree certificate. You will receive an invoice from us with VAT shown. (Prices in the tree donation shop incl. VAT), which is why we do not issue a donation receipt.

Note: You will normally receive your tree certificate by email as PDF file within 24 hours on working days. For faster delivery of the tree certificate you have the possibility to use paypal as a payment method.


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