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With your climate protection contribution, whether the “Tree Donation”, “Baby Welcome Package”, “Climate Package” or “Family package”, you support our reforestation projects in Germany and compensate your CO² emissions.

Donation receipts are exclusively obtained via the foundation website of “PLANT-MY-TREE. The Foundation.

Please find our FAQ section below.

New: As of 1 September, 2021 we donate 5 € per order to “PLANT-MY-TREE. The Foundation.” to promote long-term nature conservation.



Plant Trees

have one or more trees planted through our shop


Plant a Tree

We plant your tree at the desired location



of the planting and development on our website



your tree and enjoy!

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FAQ – General questions regarding your order

Our climate protection supporters receive an invoice incl. VAT. (Prices in the tree donation shop incl. VAT.)

Therefore, we cannot issue a donation receipt.

To receive a donation receipt, make a donation to “PLANT-MY-TREE. The Foundation.”

Access the website at

A sample of the tree certificate including the personalizable fields can be found here: Sample “Tree Certificate” in the store

You will receive your tree certificate within 24 h (Monday – Friday), within 3 working days at the latest .

For climate protection reasons, we send the tree certificate exclusively via email to the email address specified in the store.

The personalizable tree certificate feature allows you to use all climate protection products as a sustainable gift.

You will find the corresponding fields for personalization in the order process in the “Checkout” tab:

  • Name on certificate (name of the recipient)
  • Name 2 on certificate (if necessary)
  • Date on certificate
  • Additional text on certificate (e.g. dedication, occasion, etc.)
  • Additional text 2 on certificate (if necessary)

This allows you to personalize the certificate directly for the recipient.


Only one item possible per order (Unfortunately, different products can not be combined for technical reasons), the quantity is not limited (e.g. 3x tree donation).

One tree certificate will be issued per order – it can contain one or more names

In case of non-observance, creation of an invoice and a tree certificate is technically not possible, therefore your order must be cancelled.

PLANT-MY-TREE® carries out large-scale reforestation. Therefore, the trees on the area are not numbered.

This would not be economically feasible over our planned term of at least 99 years in conjunction with the growth of the trees.

The tree-IDs specified on our tree certificates serve as proof and traceability of areas, supporters and planted trees.

The complete and unambiguous assignment is part of our high standards for ourselves as well as part of our TÜV certification.

Can I choose the type of tree to be planted?

We reforest larger areas. We select tree varieties according to various factors, for example, regional specifications, soil conditions, overall mix we want to plant, availability at the nursery, and so on.  Therefore, it is not possible to select one tree variety.

For this reason, it is also not possible for us to specify a tree variety for a tree number in retrospect.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have been listing the tree varieties for the areas on our website at

Our recommendation: Go to the plot, choose the most beautiful seedling/tree – and that is the tree you have planted with your contribution. Thank you very much for that.


Plant yourself

Can you help plant or even plant your own tree?

This is not yet possible from a legal and insurance point of view.

We assume that in connection with “PLANT-MY-TREE. The Foundation.” we will create this possibility.

You want to visit your tree?

On the certificate you will find the coordinates of the planting area. After we do the planting, we share the information along with pictures of the planting so you can visit the area. It is especially nice to visit in the spring from May/June when everything is blooming and buzzing. Enjoy your stay in an ever growing forest.


Pictures of the reforestation

We provide pictures of the reforestation areas at


We are looking forward to your contact!

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